Worst mistakes people make when flying with small children

mistakes with children travelCommon sense implies that if you must travel with kids in any way other than flying, you should probbaly go that route.

Nevertheless, it's not always possible to avoid air travel with children, especially for long distance trips.

5 things at hotels you should avoid touching

hotel roomThe average hotel room is filthier than a typical home, school, or even a plane, according to the study Hotel Hygiene Exposed. With quick room turnarounds, cleaning staff often overlook some unexpected items.

The study, conducted by TravelMath with laboratory testing by EmLab P&K, found the highest bacteria-filled areas were the bathroom counter and remote control, while an ABC News investigation “uncovered hotel drinking glasses that were so dirty they could pose a serious risk to your health.”

Good to Know: Best and Worst Days for Holiday Travel

girl waiting for flightAccording to Airlines for America, the trade group representing the interests of most U.S. airlines, this holiday travel season extends over a full 21 days, from December 16, 2016, through January 5, 2017. That’s a long time to endure the indignities and discomfort of crowded airports and overstuffed planes.

The World’s Largest Airport Will Cost $36 Billion

largest airportWhen a planned $32 billion expansion is completed, Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) will be the world’s largest.

5 travel hacks the airlines don't want you to know about

150616124645 cathay pacific skytrax exlarge 169Frequent fliers know that in the competitive world of modern airlines, it takes a skilled player to spot the good deals among the gimmicks.

In this month's episode of Business Traveller, we meet with bloggers and aviation insiders who've learned how to play the often risky game of travel hacking, uncovering the loopholes the airlines don't want them to find. In this game, the rewards can be great -- but the stakes are high.

Airline cabins of the future: A new golden age of travel?

airline cabinsAir travel photos from the 1960s show smartly dressed, champagne-sipping passengers in spacious airliner cabins.

Contrast that with today's cramped seats and overcrowded airports and it looks like our flying experiences are getting steadily worse.
But is this based on reality?

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